What to do in Vipava Valley
The Vipava Valley impresses everyone with its beauty. You can get even more pleasure from the friendly locals with their offer of sports, entertainment and cultural activities, which are always rounded off by a quality and varied culinary offer. You can choose from a simple village inn to the holder of a Michelin star at the Zemono mansion near the town Vipava.

Click on interested activity below and you will be redirected to local tourist page VIPAVSKADOLINA.SI where more detailed information about quality spending time in Vipava Valley can be found.

What to do in Vipava Valley

Anyone can find something to do in our valley, anyone can spend his/her time actively…if want so 😊. BTW: Sports equipment (bicycles, climbing gear etc…) you can find HERE.


Colorful variety of local products can be found through whole year round in Vipava Valley. Visit local vineyard farms and their wine cellars, boutique guesthouses and enjoy extremely tasty local dishes.